Photo of white pillars with overlaid text that reads, "Key Pillars of Construction Mobile Apps"

Key Pillars of Construction Mobile Apps

The construction industry is changing rapidly. Worksites today are increasingly relying on technology to help them operate more efficiently and effectively. A major key to this trend has been the rise of mobile construction applications. A well-built mobile app has […]
Two mobile phones with WooCommerce and Shopify logos featured with a "versus" abbreviation in-between

WooCommerce vs Shopify Plus

Choosing the right eCommerce platform can have a considerable impact on the quality of your website’s online shopping experience. But it can be tough to zero in on the choice that’s best for your company. Two of the most popular options are WooCommerce and Shopify […]
Brain Jackson's headshot photo

Brian Jackson Joins #TeamOnsharp as a Software Developer

Cheers to #TeamOnsharp’s newest crew member! Brian Jackson joins the Fargo office as a Software Developer. As a recent grad, Brian will bring new energy to Onsharp’s team in his first full-time software development role.
A paper with charts and graphs lying on a laptop with overlaid text that reads, "Showcasing Facts & Figures on Your Engineering Website"

Showcasing Facts & Figures on Your Engineering Website

Statistics are the bread and butter of engineering websites. Not only do facts and figures showcase successful work, they also make a great impression on potential clients.  Yet, it’s common for engineering websites to bury their numbers in long paragraphs and […]
Mitch Olson's headshot photo

Mitch Olson Joins #TeamOnsharp as a Website Support Coordinator

A round of applause for #TeamOnsharp's newest crew member! Mitch Olson joins the Fargo office as a Website Support Coordinator. Mitch is a recent grad who is sure to enrich Onsharp's team with his energy and skills. Originally from Minnesota, Mitch got his Computer […]
Illustration of 3 website "builders" painting/drawing a webpage with overlaid text that reads, "WordPress vs. Other Website Builders"

WordPress vs. Other Website Builders

Building a website from scratch requires some serious technical know-how - not to mention a high price tag. That’s why website builders have become a convenient and affordable alternative. However, it can be difficult to know which website builder is best for your […]
Digital image of a smartphone with banking icons and a debit card hovering above with overlaid text that reads, "App Alerts: Personalizing Security for Your Banking Clients"

App Alerts: Personalizing Security for Your Banking Clients

43% of people in the US are using mobile banking as of 2019. There is a greater necessity now more than ever to provide personalization to clients of your banking app; not only for consumer satisfaction, but also for bolstering security. So, how can your banking […]
Web designer using a mobile phone and laptop at the same time with overlaid text that reads, "Things to Think About When Deciding On a Website Designer"

Things to Think About When Deciding On a Website Designer

According to the US Census Bureau, 14.3% of sales during the third quarter of 2020 were e-commerce sales, and it’s predicted that by 2023 that 22% of global retail sales will be through e-commerce. With companies moving practically everything online, it’s more […]
Row of light bulbs with one lit up and overlaid text that reads, "5 Musts for Modernizing Your Utilities"

5 Musts for Modernizing Your Utilities

During this age of COVID, your website must be sleek, easy-to-use, and brimming with useful features that will grab people’s attention. 48% of people decide if a business is credible or not based on its website design. For the average consumer, small details will […]
A Hand reaching out to floating digital images of SEO related icons with overlaid text that reads, "5 Ways to Increase Your Site’s SEO Right Now"

5 Ways to Increase Your Site’s SEO Right Now

Your company built its website to increase its revenue. But the only way you’ll be able to accomplish those goals is if enough people visit the site. That’s what makes search engine optimization (SEO) so important.  Increasing your website’s SEO will put your […]
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