Engineering Your Tech Company’s Online Presence

  Your online presence matters more than you might think. A whopping 94% of B2B buyers conduct some online research before purchasing - and 83% end up checking out company websites.  Building an online presence is especially important for tech[…]

Learn the Lingo of Popular Website and App Terms

Navigating tech jargon can be tough. If you’re just getting started with website and app lingo, check out our guide of common terms below.  It takes only 0.05 seconds for users to form an opinion about your website – but months of planning and[…]

Why UI/UX Design is Vital for Healthcare Apps

UI/UX is a key component of any app – especially for life and death industries like healthcare.  In fact, achieving the right user experience can be especially complicated for healthcare, which involves high-stakes tasks and specialized information.[…]

Wade Hampton Joins #TeamOnsharp as a Software Application Architect!

Welcome Wade Hampton, our Software Application Architect!    Onsharp is excited to welcome Wade Hampton to the Onsharp team! Wade is our Software Application Architect who will be working remotely out of North Carolina. He will work on building[…]

Ethan Dexheimer Joins #TeamOnsharp as a Business Development Representative Intern!

Meet our Business Development Representative Intern, Ethan Dexheimer!    Onsharp is happy to welcome Ethan Dexheimer to #TeamOnsharp! Ethan has joined the sales team and will be responsible for engaging with project decision-makers over the phone[…]

Grace Klassen Joins #TeamOnsharp as a Business Development Representative!

Welcome Grace Klassen, our newest Business Development Representative!    Grace Klassen has joined the Onsharp sales department as a Business Development Representative! Grace will be working on generating qualified leads and growing Onsharps[…]

Gail Hanson joins #TeamOnsharp as an Accounting Specialist!

Welcome Gail Hanson, our Accounting Specialist!    Onsharp is happy to welcome Gail Hanson to the accounting team! Gail joins the Fargo office as an Accounting Specialist where she will be working closely with the VP of Finance and HR on all[…]

Tony Trappen joins #TeamOnsharp as a Senior Software Developer

Welcome Tony Trappen, a Senior Software Developer!    Onsharp is so happy to welcome Tony Trappen to the Development team! Tony brings years many years of experience to the table and will be working to develop and design data structures for[…]

10 Helpful Tips to Keep In Mind After Your Website Launches

Your new website has launched. Congratulations! Now what? How do your marketing campaigns align with the new website? What’s an SEO strategy and how do you identify if your website needs one? What are some best practices to follow after launch?[…]

Meet our newest Client Success Manager at #TeamOnsharp, Wendy McCord!

Welcome our Client Success Manager, Wendy McCord!    Our newest Client Success Manager, Wendy McCord, joins #TeamOnsharp bringing over 15 years of experience! She is responsible for building and maintaining relationships with our current client[…]



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