10 Things to Add to Your June Content Calendar

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The first month of the summer presents several opportunities to create excellent content that connects to the warm weather, fun holidays, and local events. We've hand-picked 10 content ideas that you can make your own on your social media channels, or in your blogs and emails. We believe one of the best ways to connect with your audience is with timely, relevant content. Check it out!

1. Great Outdoors Month (June 1-30)
June is Great Outdoors Month. To celebrate and maximize this observance, create posts that:

  • Show how your business protects the environment by recycling or volunteering
  • Share an employee's passion for biking, hiking, or enjoying the great outdoors
  • Tell people about your favorite outdoor parks or activities in the community
  • Highlight products that let people enjoy the great outdoors; this could be a product roundup sharing several different ones or a spotlight on one thing

2. National Donut Day (June 1)
Did you know that National Donut Day was created by the Salvation Army in 1938 to raise money for World War 1? Show your patriotism with these celebratory posts:

  • Bring donuts to work and post a photo of your team enjoying quality time and quality sweets together
  • Post a shoutout for local bakeries that bring donut deliciousness to your neighborhood
  • Bring it back to where it all began and share donuts at your local Salvation Army
  • Be sure to use #nationaldonutday

3. Cancer Survivors Day (June 3)
Cancer Survivors Day is Sunday, June 3rd. This is a topic that may or may not make sense for your business to comment on. If you decide to contribute to the conversation on this day, here are some ideas:

  • Share a positive story about a leader, employee, or customer's battle with cancer
  • Highlight a community service activity (if it relates to cancer patients or cancer research)
  • Thank the doctors and nurses at hospitals for what they do to support cancer survivors
  • Create an image of an inspirational quote about celebrating life

4. FM Restaurant Week (June 7-16)
In 2014, Fargo-Moorhead kicked off its first annual Restaurant Week. This year it's back from June 7-16. This event gives members of the community an opportunity to try something new or get a new twist on a favorite spot, with participating restaurants offering 2 or 3-course prix fixe meals. Even if you're not participating directly, here are ideas to join in on the conversation:

  • Use the hashtag #FoodiesinFargo
  • Share your favorite spots in FM Restaurant Week
  • Review your favorite meals from FM Restaurant Week
  • Engage with followers and give away free meals to participating restaurants

5. Flag Day (June 14)

Independence Day steals all the attention, but don't forget about celebrating Flag Day on Thursday, June 14th. Traditionally celebrated by flying America's stars and stripes, or celebrating a historical event such as the nation's adoption of its flag, here are a few more ideas to get you in the patriotic spirit:

  • While each country has their own date for Flag Day, showcase something international by showing flags from different countries
  • Display the American flag outside your business or at employee desks
  • Use the colors of the American flag for some outfit inspiration and dress in red, white and blue
  • Share a patriotic DIY activity or recipe

6. National Safety Month (June 1-30)

Every June, National Safety Month raises awareness to reduce injury and death at work, on the road and in our communities and homes. Join the conversation but using posts that:

  • Use #NationalSafetyMonth
  • Show how your business puts safety at the forefront
  • Share tips about how to stay safe that pertain to your industry
  • Share a story about an employee or customer that avoided unsafe situations in the workplace, or by utilizing one of your products

7. Father's Day (June 17)
Father's Day is a special day to honor the incredible impact a father has on their family's life. Use one of these creative ideas to get your social media community engaged on Sunday, June 17th:

  • Create a photo collage of old photos
  • Share your favorite Dad Jokes or Funny Dad stories from employees or customers
  • Set up a photo booth with props relating to dads
  • Offer a special discount or deal for dads
  • Host a contest with the prize being something to win for your dad
  • Talk about lessons learned from fathers

8. Pro Sports Happenings (Starting end of May)

June is full of major events for professional sports. Game 1 of the Stanely Cup is scheduled for May 29th, and NBA Finals kick off on May 31st -- that means the winners will raise their trophies in early to mid-June. Later on in June, the U.S. Open (Golf) will be held in Southampton, New York from June 14-17.

  • While you may not have professional athletes, spotlight employees' former athletics careers, from high school awards, to playing in college, to coaching today
  • Throwback to a time your company competed in or sponsored a sporting event or use it as an opportunity to get a team together for a local competition
  • Have a favorite team playing for a title? Get your community engaged by giving out certain deals if your team wins; it'll encourage followers to return to your channels for updates
  • Is there a local player competing? Spotlight an athlete's connection to your community
  • Post a photo wearing gear supporting your favorite team or athlete

9. Social Media Day (June 30)

Celebrate Social Media Day on Saturday, June 30th with these content ideas:

  • Thank your community for following along on each channel
  • Offer a special deal exclusive to followers, good only for social media day
  • Share your favorite posts from the last year
  • Ask followers what their favorite social media channel is
  • Give a shout out to the person or team who manages your social media presences

10. Pre-4th of July Announcements (Last Two Weeks of June)

While Independence Day isn't until the month of July, it's a major holiday that definitely needs some lead time for planning. Consider how your customers prepare for the 4th of July and how you can engage with them in a fun way:

  • Create a list, such as 4 Events to Check out this 4th of July, or 7 Recipes/DIYs You Need this 4th of July
  • Thank or profile troops and their families for protecting our country
  • Run a photo contest showing followers' patriotic spirits
  • Post a patriotic quote
  • Share an interesting fact about America's history (bonus if it's related to your business)
  • Create a tradition; plan an annual event or contest relating to the holiday

What other items do you have on your content calendar for this month? Let us know by tweeting at #TeamOnsharp! And be sure to check back next month for ideas for July's Content Calendar.

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