2018 Digital Marketing Predictions

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2018 Digital Marketing Predictions

The world of Digital Marketing is a rapidly evolving, fluid workspace. Last month’s technological breakthrough can lend to this month’s newest way to engage with customers. Due to this changing environment, it’s difficult to stay on top of which trends will rule your marketing strategies in the year to come.

At Onsharp, we’re all about creating the perfect digital marketing strategy to drive growth for your business. To help your business stay ahead of the curve, we put together our top Digital Marketing predictions to keep an eye on in 2018.


Prediction #1: The time for mobile-everything has come.

Mobile is now the primary method to view the web, with 51% of browser views coming from a mobile device. Additionally 70% of searches are predicted to come from mobile in 2018. Ensuring a seamless mobile experience, from social media to email marketing to a brand’s website, is more crucial now than ever.


Prediction #2: Instragram will become more valuable to brands than Facebook.

Instagram now has 800 million active monthly users, 500 million of which are active every day. While Facebook may still win the race with total global users, brands see 3x more engagement on Instagram than on Facebook.

The value is still there on Facebook for brands, but these statistics show that Instagram has earned our attention as a conversion play in our social media marketing strategy.


Prediction #3: Targeting & Personalization will become the primary focus in email marketing.

As technology evolves, consumers are expecting a more and more personalized experience. Creating relevant content for the right audience delivered at the right time is going to yield accelerated results. Businesses are going to see more value in automated and transactional emails that are generated by specific consumer behaviors.

Dynamic content is one of the major tools for an email marketer on the path to personalization and relevance. “Marketers who say their email programs are successful are 68% more likely than those at less successful programs to use dynamic content always or often in their emails.” -- 2017 State of Email Creative – Litmus


Prediction #4: LinkedIn will become the most valuable channel for B2B marketing.

500 million professionals use LinkedIn, with 4/5 LinkedIn members driving business decisions. Additionally 46% of social media traffic to B2B websites comes from LinkedIn.

If your B2B marketing strategy hinges upon getting in front of business decision-makers, LinkedIn not only has the best network to do so, but the most robust targeting capabilities to get in front of the right person.


Prediction #5: Personalization will become ‘what’s next’ rather than ‘what was’

Consumers are looking for content tailored to their behaviors, similar to the way Spotify creates Discover Playlists and Netflix suggests shows and movies. Anticipating their interests rather than basing personalization solely off of past purchasing behaviors will keep consumers engaged and delighted with your brand.


Prediction #6: Brands will begin adopting Augmented Reality content.

The latest iPhones were designed with Augmented Reality capabilities. MLB At Bat is already hot on the heels of this technology and has begun using Augmented Reality to deliver real-time data to fans. Just by pointing an iPhone at the game, fans can see pictures of the players on the field as well as statistics and data relating to those players.

As this technology develops, more and more brands will adopt Augmented Reality as another way to engage with their audience.


Prediction #7 Organic Facebook marketing strategies will come to an end.

Facebook Organic Reach for brands has been on the decline for several years. Now, only 2-6% of fans will see a brand’s post on Facebook. Creating relevant content combined with boosting posts and purchasing Facebook ads will ensure content is getting in front of your targeted audience.


Prediction #8: Animation in emails is on the rise.

In the past, marketers have been skeptical about animation within emails. Inboxes were inconsistent with supporting these visuals, so it begged the question of if it was worth it or not. With more widespread support for animation in emails today, 47% of marketers plan on using animation within emails in the near future.

“Marketers are clearly seeing results from animated GIFs and CSS animation. Marketers who describe their email programs as successful are 52% more likely than those at less successful programs to use animation at least sometimes in their email designs.” -- 2017 State of Email Creative – Litmus

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