5 Things to Add to Your June Content Calendar

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June is right around the corner. Whether it’s spending time outside or enjoying the many events of summer, it's an exciting time of year. With all that's happening, there's a lot to talk about with your audience. With so many different companies competing for the attention of your audience, it’s essential you hit people with smart, targeted messages. That starts with strategically-timed content marketing.

We’ve hand-picked five content marketing concepts that you can make your own to fit your business on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, blogs, emails and other marketing channels. We believe one of the best ways to build a connection with current and prospective customers is by posting content worth sharing. Use these ideas as a jumping off point to add a few new things to your content calendar this June.

  1. Dare Day (June 1) #DareDay

Forget about truth, it’s Dare Day!

  • Dare your audience to try a new flavor or variation of your product.
  • Create a truth or dare game to get audience engagement.
  • Share how you’re daring to grow by taking exciting risks in your business.
  • Talk about how people around the office participated in different dares throughout the day.
  1. National Donut Day (June 7) #NationalDonutDay

The day we’ve all been waiting for!!

  • Post donut-related pictures that tie back to your industry or business.
  • Share a funny quote or meme about doughnuts.
  • Support your local bakery and get donuts for your employees or partners, and share photos on social media.
  1. Best Friends Day (June 8) #BestFriendsDay

Best buds - what would we do without them?

  • Showcase stories of best friends who support your business, whether they’re kids or 90 years old.
  • Share activities best friends can do together on this day that involve your business or product.
  • Post an inspiring quote image about friendship.
  1. Father’s Day (June 16h) #FathersDay, #HappyFathersDay

It’s all about Dad today!

  • Post about your appreciation for fathers and their impact on the family with a sincere thank you. Try creating an image in Canva.
  • Share a photo of some of the amazing fathers that work for your company
  • Share a funny comic, image or video about being a dad.
  1. Take Your Dog to Work Day (June 21) #TakeYourDogToWorkDay

Celebrate the furry friends in your life.

  • Let employees bring their dogs into the office, and share photos.
  • Feature dog lovers who are part of your team.
  • Highlight a local dog shelter and encourage adopting in time for next year's observance.

There are way more than five ideas to add to next month's content calendar, which is why we've compiled a list of 50+ Ideas for Your June Content Calendar. Get your guide now and check back next month for ideas for July!

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