5 Things to Add to Your May Content Calendar

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May is right around the corner, which means we’re close to summer! Whether it's starting to enjoy the warm weather or enjoying different events of the season, May is an exciting time. Making the most of this time for your business starts with strategically-timed content marketing. And with so many different companies competing for the attention of your audience, it’s essential you hit people with smart, targeted messages.

At Onsharp, we believe one of the best ways to build a connection with current and prospective customers is by posting content worth sharing. This is why we’ve hand-picked five content concepts that you can make to fit your business on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, blogs, emails, and other marketing channels. Use these ideas as a jumping off point to add a few new things to your content calendar this May.

  1. Cinco de Mayo (May 5th) #CincoDeMayo

Time to fiesta!

  • Share the recipe for a delicious Mexican dish to celebrate.
  • Share a little-known fact about Mexican traditions.
  • Post about celebrations happening in your community for Cinco de Mayo.


  1. National Teacher Appreciation Day (May 7th) #HappyTeachersDay, #ThankATeacher

Let's appreciate the heroes that build our children's future.

  • Share an influential teacher in your community and the impact they’ve had on students.
  • Post an easy craft that kids can make for their teachers for this day.
  • Share how you can support teachers in your area through various local non-profits.
  • Post a funny teacher joke, comic, or video.


  1. Mother's Day (May 12th) #MothersDay, #HappyMothersDay

It’s your day, Mom!

  • Write an appreciation post for mothers everywhere, thanking them for what they do.
  • Make a collage of the mothers who work for your business.
  • Leading up to Mother’s Day, talk about work-life balance available to employees and time-off benefits as a way to recruit employees.
  • Share a quote or image about the impact of mothers.
  • Post gift ideas for Mother's Day.


  1. International Day of Families (May 15th) #DayOfFamilies

Celebrating families, people, and culture around the world.

  • Write a post celebrating families, education, and well-being.
  • Make a collage of the families of those who work for your business.
  • Share ideas of activities that families can do together on International Day of Families.


  1. Memorial Day (May 27th) #MemorialDay, #MemorialDayWeekend

Honor our troops

  • Write a commemorative post for our service men and women. Typically it's a best practice to avoid being promotional on this holiday.
  • Write a service post encouraging others to give back to foundations that honor our veterans
  • Share a quote or image that showcases your appreciation for those who serve or have served

While five ideas are nice to have, there are plenty are more out there. That's why we decided to compile a list of 50+ Ideas for Your May Content Calendar. Get your guide now and check back next month for ideas for your June content calendar!

Download 50+ Ideas


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