5 Things to Add to Your September Content Calendar

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For me, September means getting school supplies, leaves changing colors, homecoming, and the end of summer. I love this month because, for a lot of people, it means forming your regular routines and rhythms for the year. This also makes it an extremely important time of the year for marketers since September has a lot of great observances and events to add to your social media marketing and content marketing strategy.

We've handpicked five observances that you can create content for to fit your business on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, blogs, emails, and other marketing channels. We believe one of the best ways to build a connection with current and prospective customers is by posting content worth sharing on social media. Use these ideas as a jumping off point to add a few new things to your content calendar this September.

  1. Back to School (end of August/early September—varies by school)

Most local students head back to school at the end of August. Around the Fargo-Moorhead area, our colleges and public schools start either the last week of August or the first week of September, but we know it varies across the nation. To touch on back-to-school time in your content calendar, share content about:

  • What you’re looking forward to this school year.
  • How you support area schools (whether through volunteering, donations, programs/partnerships).
  • School pride. Are you nearby a certain school? Show your pride by sharing photos/news from that school.
  • The good ol' days. Pick a Thursday to do a #ThrowbackThursday and post a photo of school pictures back in the day.
  • Exclusive deals for students with good grades, organization affiliation, or volunteer hours.
  1. Read a Book Day (September 6)

I know, I know! Book Lovers Day was last month. But hey—you can never get enough of reading! Try out another one of these ideas on your social channels to celebrate.

  • Recommend your favorite book, whether it's one you've read from your childhood, for pleasure, or for business.
  • Share your office’s favorite books. Ask each employee to share their personal favorite or rank the office’s favorites as a group.
  • Prompt some interaction by posting, “The third photo in your phone is the cover of your autobiography" or “What would the title of your memoir be?”
  • Give a shout out to your local bookstore or favorite author.
  • Have your office read one book together and publish a blog about your thoughts.
  • Give away a free book or gift card to a bookstore in a contest/giveaway.
  1. Patriot Day (September 11)

September 11, 2001 was an extremely devastating and difficult time for our country. While it's a landmark date every year, it's important to practice caution when talking about this day. Using 9/11 as a way to promote products or services can come off as disrespectful, and it can actually cause harm to your business. Instead, think about sharing a post of remembrance and solidarity for this date in our history. Try not to promote yourself too much when sharing your post on social media.

  1. Self-improvement Month (all of September)

This month is a time of self-reflection and improvement. You can take this in a few ways; either offer ways for your audience to improve themselves or apply self-improvements to your community management.

For your audience's self-improvement:

  • Share advice on ways your audience can improve various parts of their lives.
  • Post an interesting infographic that shares unknown facts or ideas about self-improvement.
  • Create a simple how-to video related to your product(s) and/or service(s) that will save users time or effort and make their lives better.
  • Ask what people are focusing on for self-improvement month, then reward respondents with custom prizes based on their responses (Ex: “I want to take more time to relax and de-stress” and give away a spa gift card).

For community management self-improvement:

  • Practice better social listening. Instead of just sharing, sharing, sharing, try following different hashtags, listening to conversations, and listening to your community.
  • Ask questions. Polling your audience for what they want to see and hear from your business/organization can provide you with valuable insights.
  1. Ask a Question Day (September 28)

They say there's no such thing as a stupid question—and they're right. In fact, they created a whole day around it.

  • Use this day as a time to answer FAQs from customers. Make sure to add a disclaimer about how there are no dumb questions and answer them without negative language. If you’re feeling creative, do this in the form of a video, infographic, or photo post.
  • Encourage your audience to ask questions about something they want to know about your business.
  • Share funny stories/experiences involving questions.


Looking for More Content Calendar Ideas for September?

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