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Joe Sandin
An entrepreneur, visionary, and mentor for startup companies, Joe is dedicated to solving marketing and operational challenges using web and mobile technology.
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Hand on a laptop keyboard with a binary image overlay and text that reads, "What to Do if Your WordPress Website Gets Hacked"

What to Do if Your WordPress Website Gets Hacked

So, your WordPress website has been hacked. Welcome to this frustrating and overwhelming rite of passage. Not sure what to do? We’ve got your back. Go through our step-by-step guide on how to manage the crisis and clean the hack. You can also secure your WordPress […]
Web designer with laptop and sitemap drawing in the background with overlaid text that reads, "How to Ensure Your Next Website Redesign Project is a Smashing Success"

How to Ensure Your Next Website Redesign Project is a Smashing Success

Redesigning your website can be a huge undertaking. To help you out, we’ve put together our top tips to ensure your redesign exceeds your expectations, instead of underwhelming them. It takes 0.05 seconds for a user to make a first impression of your website… so it […]
Circuit board with overlaid text that reads, "What You Don't Know About Web Hosting May Be Putting You at Risk"

What You Don't Know About Web Hosting May Be Putting You at Risk

Every entrepreneur's nightmare is having their website hacked - not only for the security of client information, but also for the brand’s reputation. If you want to keep your website as safe as possible from hackers, you should take a closer look at your web […]
Cyber shield with keyhole and a binary overlay, overlaid text that reads, "Running your business without cyber insurance? You may be in for a head-on collision."

Running Your Business Without Cyber Insurance?

Cyber crime is on the rise, affecting a whopping 81% of businesses. If you don’t yet have cyber insurance, your company could go out of business from just one small data breach. Cyber insurance is a must-have in today's digital economy. It is meant to cover cyber […]
Hands working with a laptop and statistics on paper with overlaid text that reads, "Coronavirus Stimulus Through the Eyes of a Small Business Owner: Here's What I've Learned So Far"

Coronavirus Stimulus Through the Eyes of a Small Business Owner

The Coronavirus stimulus bill - called the CARES Act - is now open for applications from small businesses. Handling this financial crisis is hard enough for your business, so we’ve simplified the process by giving you the lowdown on each aid program available.  […]
Person using a smart phone and laptop with overlaid text that says "Beef Up Your Website Security with Multi-factor Authentication"

Beef Up Your Website Security with Multi-factor Authentication

As coronavirus spreads, so does hacking. Beef up the security of your website with multi-factor authentication.

Make Your WordPress Site 223% Faster with a CDN

Having a slow-loading website can be the biggest red flag for your visitors, if not the only reason they need to jump ship before it loads. Speed isn’t something small business owners usually consider when making their websites. Recently, we published a guest blog […]

Top Website Security Flaws

It's hard to know all of the prevention methods to be aware of when it comes to your website's security. Unfortunately, there are a multitude of threats on the internet that can attack your site in a variety of ways. Be prepared by regularly scanning your website […]

Data Security Explained: The Importance of SSL Encryption

Everything on the web should be secure—and that means your website should be, too. Since setting up SSL encryption on a site is a straightforward and inexpensive process, there’s no reason why every website shouldn’t be encrypted. Keep reading to learn more about […]

10 Keys to Banking and Finance Website Security

Today, more people bank online than ever before, whether it’s a simple balance check on an app or transferring money for bills and other payments. These same customers expect their banking and financial experience online to be secure, private, and consistent each […]
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