Mike Unser

Always working in the best interest of the client, Mike enjoys assisting clients in enhancing their digital presence through website design, digital strategy, and search engine tools.

5 Reasons Why We Use WordPress

At Onsharp, we're all about creating beautiful websites that are easy to manage. We understand that employees at small businesses tend to wear many important hats, and relying on a developer to make updates on their website can create a staggering[…]

How to Test Your Company's Website

So you built a brand new website, which took a lot of time, money, and/or resources. As soon as you launch it, you get a text from a someone saying you have a huge spelling error on the homepage. You check it out. In the process, you realize that[…]

3 Tips to Amplify Your Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an extremely helpful tool that allows you to build insights about your audience and improve their experience on your website. All within one tool, you can analyze traffic coming to your site, map out where your visitors are going[…]

COMING SOON: New Google Analytics Retention Settings

Have you heard? Google recently announced new data retention controls that allow you to manage how long your user and event data are stored by your Google Analytics account. These new data retention settings will take effect on Friday, May 25th.

Can You Be Trusted?

At #TeamOnsharp, we’re always looking for ways different industries can keep their websites secure. Right now, we’re focusing on the banking and finance industry and what you need to know about website security. With more than 16 years of experience[…]

Focus on the Metrics that Matter: Google Analytics Explained

Find the Metrics that Matter Google Analytics is one of the best (and free!) website analytics tools out there that monitors what's happening on your site. The catch is that it’s only effective if you know how to use it. You’ve probably noticed that[…]

Google Rank Algorithm Update: What You Need to Know

Recommending mobile-responsive designs for quite some time, Google finally put their foot down by going through a major algorithm update in 2015. This update has had a significant impact on mobile search results worldwide. If your site still isn’t[…]



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