Nadia Hlebowitsh

FinTech Trends That Are Changing How We Bank

Nowadays, digital is king. We do almost everything online, not just because it’s convenient but also because of new possibilities. The banking industry is no exception. Though it was once an old-school institution, banking has been transformed by[…]

What’s the Deal with Digital Warehouses?

You may have heard the recent buzz about digital warehouses. Logistics experts believe they’re the future of warehousing. But what exactly are they? Digital warehouses are those driven by data and technology. Because they work in real-time, these[…]

Remaking Your Manufacturing Brand Online

Manufacturing brands are often seen as cold and impersonal. These days, as manufacturing is transformed by digital tools, it’s even more important to create a manufacturing brand that speaks to customers in a modern and humane way.  If you’re[…]

5 Questions to Ask Before Creating an App

Building an app is quite the endeavor. Before you get started, it’s essential to step back and understand why you’re creating the app. This way, you can make the right decisions moving forward. For example, you’ll want to avoid making an app that’s[…]

Showcasing Facts & Figures on Your Engineering Website

Statistics are the bread and butter of engineering websites. Not only do facts and figures showcase successful work, they also make a great impression on potential clients.  Yet, it’s common for engineering websites to bury their numbers in long[…]

WordPress vs. Other Website Builders

Building a website from scratch requires some serious technical know-how - not to mention a high price tag. That’s why website builders have become a convenient and affordable alternative. However, it can be difficult to know which website builder[…]

10 Tips to Improve Your Website Design

The look and feel of your website matters. It takes 0.05 seconds for users to make a first impression of your website. It’s essential that you capture user interest from the start.  Website design isn’t just about the aesthetics - it also involves[…]

A Guide to Gamifying Health on Your App

Gamifying health could save lives. These days, the addictive and entertaining quality of games is being applied to real-life scenarios. App developers are coming up with motivating features to get users to take care of themselves.  Health apps come[…]

How to Fortify the Contact Form on Your Construction Website

Getting leads is an essential role of your construction website. Specifically, your contact form is where potential clients reach out with inquiries or issues.  However, not all contact forms are created equal. As you build your construction website[…]

Fun Extras for Your Utilities App: Flashlight, Thermostat & Others

Some of your customers may be used to paying their utilities bill by mail or at an in-person location. These folks may not be interested in using a utilities app, even though it’s convenient and often brings discounts.  In order to get them on board[…]



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