Benefits of Blogging on Your Website

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Have you ever considered creating a blog for your website, but questioned if it was the right move for your business? Onsharp's answer will always be YES -- a blog is crucial for your website! Read on to find out why.

Content is Key
The content that makes up your website is extremely important when it comes to Search Engine Optimization. While Google's algorithms continuously evolve to prioritize certain factors, larger shifts have been made to the way that Google will display information. Rather than relying on keywords alone, the algorithms work to identify the intent of the searcher to provide them with the most valuable information. Due to these changes, blogs are an excellent way to integrate rich content that your audience is searching for.

Fresh Content is Important
Search engines like to show new and relevant content to searchers. Creating something fresh to crawl on your website is a great indication for search engines that your website is active and providing relevant information. The core pages of your website, like your About page or Contact page will typically stay consistent, so it's difficult to rely on them for fresh content. Blogs are an excellent way to get that fresh content on your website, while also adding the value of information for your customers.

It Builds Your Street Cred
Let's take a step back from the world of SEO and move on to another important concept: business reputation. When potential customers are shopping for a service that your business offers, they want to move forward with someone that they feel can get the job done. Some may be sold by a simple website with pages that list a business's services. Others may not be fully convinced. If your blog is chock full of rich content about your business and offerings, the skeptics will see that you really are experts in your field, and that you've earned their full trust.

You Can Answer Important Questions
If there's a common question that your business gets that potentially has a complex answer, a blog post is the perfect place to elaborate on all of the details. You can add the question to your FAQ and link out to your blog for more information to ensure that your customers are getting the full picture.

It Helps Your Social Media Strategy
Staying relevant in the social media world is difficult if you don't have anything new to talk about. Creating content on your blog gives you something new and exciting to share with your social media followers, so that you can continue to stay top of mind for your customers.

The benefits of blogging on your website are endless, from providing valuable information to your current customers, to allowing potential customers to find you through relevant search terms. If you would like to add blogging to your content marketing strategy, but you're not sure where to start, let's get in touch! Onsharp offers content marketing packages to fuel your digital presence and take your blog to the next level.

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