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At #TeamOnsharp, we’re always looking for ways different industries can keep their websites secure. Right now, we’re focusing on the banking and finance industry and what you need to know about website security. With more than 16 years of experience and deep understanding of security and compliance standards, we know what it takes to build the most secure site.

We’ve discovered in the past few years that some of the largest federal and banking websites have failed security tests. In fact, Only 27 percent of the country's 100 largest banks made the honor roll, which is down 55% from 2016. Would your bank’s website pass a security test? If not, you could be losing potential and current customers from poor website security.

We’ve compiled a checklist for you to follow while analyzing your current website. This list will help you get started on considering whether or not your website is secure on a basic level.

Software is up to date.

[  ]  I have ensured that I can complete updates without downtime and that I can update software in a fully automated manner.

[  ]  I have centralized logging for all services.


Secure passwords are frequently updated.

[  ] I have minimal privilege for the database access user account.

[  ] I have updated passwords that are not something anyone could figure out like “password” or “1234”.


Regular Backups are practiced.

[  ] I have backed up the latest version of my website.


There is a malware detector.

[  ]  I have invested in a strong malware detector.


I am careful with permissions.

[  ] I have a list of individuals who have access to my website.

[  ] I have assigned different permission levels to employees based on the access they need.


I am aware of the operation.

[  ] I know if my unused services and servers are powered off.


I have tested the website.

[  ]  I have completed an audit of the design and functionality.

[  ]  I have trained staff on how to use the website properly to keep information secure.


How did your website do? While there are several aspects of your website that need to be analyzed, it may be best to have one of our experienced website developers determine what work needs to be done to make it as secure as possible. At Onsharp, we have the experience and expertise it takes to build the most secure and functional website. If you need to make some security changes to keep you and you and your banking customers satisfied, get in touch with us! We'll be happy to help.

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