Get Up and Move: Why Workplace Wellness is So Important

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As self-proclaimed “desk jockeys”, our team takes pride in the work we do and the computers we use to do it. While this may translate into hours spent sedentary, it becomes even more important to incorporate wellness into the workday.

Not sure how to do it for yourself? We’re here to give you 4 tips and tricks to ultimately get you up and moving at the office (and maybe provide a boost in productivity!)

1. Take the Scenic Route

Take the stairs, head the long way to your meeting, or go for a jaunt outside. For my fellow fitness tracker lovers - every time you feel the buzz and receive a “Get moving!” notification, listen to your wearable and go for a stroll (even if it is just to the water cooler).

Not a fitness tracker fanatic? Make it your goal to get up at least once every hour, and set a timer if you’re prone to forgetting.

2. Deskercises

I know what you’re thinking… “I’m going to look like a fool stretching at my desk.” First off, yes, you may look like a fool-- but a health-conscious, awesome one at that! From neck rolls to shoulder shrugs, take a couple of minutes to give some love to your tense muscles.

3. Interrupt Your Sitting

Take a moment to swap your comfy office chair for an alternative. Whether it’s an exercise ball or a standing desk, simply switching it up will have you getting up, moving around, and even engaging your core (bring on the six-pack abs, people).

4. Brain Breaks

And lastly, workplace wellness doesn’t always mean getting up and moving around. Brain breaks are great ways to encourage mindfulness throughout your workday (and might even spark your creativity in the process). Start the day with journaling and setting goals to prioritize your day and end the day reflecting on all the awesome stuff you accomplished at work - even if it was just completing a few deskercises.

Now… put a couple of these workplace wellness tips into action, and get moving fellow desk jockeys!


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