How to Determine Your Website's ROI

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The average American spends 24 hours per week online. With that much time spent browsing, a website is an important touch point to be the online face of your business. While it's important to have a website in general, an outdated website could harm your chances of generating new customers.

Outdated Websites Lack Credibility

When a website lacks credibility, customers lose trust in your business. This can result in an unwillingness to share personal information, such as their email address, as well as higher bounce rates, less time spent on your website, and an overall lower conversion rate.

Website Design Impacts Customers' Trust

When users experience a lack of trust in a website, 94% claim it's directly related to the web design elements, while only 6% claim that it's due to the actual content on the page.

Additionally, 52% of all browsing activity occurs on a mobile phone, and nearly 8 out of 10 customers stated that they will leave a website that does not render correctly on their device. If your website is not mobile-friendly, potential customers could leave your website just as quickly as they got there.

How an Onsharp Website Can Help Your Business

It can be difficult to determine the Return on Investment when it comes to redesigning your business website. We're here to help you see the value. A new website will help your business:
  1. Build Trust & Credibility
  2. Be found by new customers
  3. Deliver the right information to potential customers
  4. Capture new customers contact information
  5. Attract customers through visibility on all mobile, tablet and desktop devices
  6. Increase your business revenue

To help you visualize the value of a new website, we created an ROI Formula to show you just how important it can be to invest in a redesigned website. Check it out:




If you're interested in learning more about our website services, or you're ready to get started, let's get in touch.


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