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At #TeamOnsharp, we're  always looking for ways different industries can take hold of the ever-changing social media world. Right now, we’re focusing on the construction industry and how Instagram can help captivate an audience of millions.  

Here are a few ways you can nail it with your construction business on Instagram:

Set Up An Account for Your Construction Company

Set up an Instagram business account to give people a better understanding of your construction business; it's easier than ever. The social platform has a fantastic step-by-step guide that shows how to set up an account for the every-day tech user. Here's how you do it:


Show Your Followers What Your Business Does Best 

As a construction business, you have a lot of great, visual work that should be displayed, and Instagram is the perfect platform to do just that.

So how to you do it? Tell a visually compelling story. Whether you're giving your followers an exclusive interview with the CEO of your company or giving them a behind-the-scenes look at your current project, it's important to change it up! While you may already be posting to other sites, studies show that the number of active brands and active users on Instagram is increasingso why not take advantage of it? 

Once you're on Instagram, you may be wondering what you should be posting as a construction company. Here are some ideas:

1. Give Exclusive Access

Giving exclusive access is intriguing to all kinds of audiences. It humanizes your construction brand, shows them you care about your employees, and shows people you know how to have fun. Going behind the scenes shows as a construction company also shows your customers where their money is going and what you value.




2. Use Construction Hashtags

You can easily expand your reach by incorporating construction hashtags to your posts. With a growing Instagram community, you'll be able to successfully reach more people if you include relevant hashtags. You might even find some great content you'd like to repost to your own account!




3. Recognize Others in the Industry

We’re all about mentioning others and collaborating with the community at #TeamOnsharp, and you should be too! It’s a great way to show appreciation and recognition for others who deserve it. Giving a shout-out to the community or your partners shows that you appreciate their hard work and you care about the local area. 




4. Feature Your Employees

Featuring team members is a great way to display that you value your employees and take your company culture seriously. Highlighting your employees is also an effective way to recruit potential team members. If others see that you take pride in your employees and the great work they do, they're more likely to apply.



We love sharing creative content and hope you're walking away from this post inspired for your own construction company's Instagram account! From behind-the-scenes access to featuring employees, we know you'll be able to increase engagement and improve your social presence for your construction company.

Ready to nail it with your own social media strategy? Let #TeamOnsharp help! We have Digital Marketing experts who are ready and excited to help you pave your way to a successful online presence.

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