Our Favorite Mobile Apps and Why We Love Them

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Here at Onsharp, we turn the craziest ideas into amazing mobile apps, and we love it! Our work with mobile apps day in and day out gives us a strong appreciation for an app with stellar design and an intuitive user experience. We especially love apps that solve life problems, or just offer a fun respite from our busy days.

We asked #TeamOnsharp to share their favorite mobile apps and why they loved them. Check out which ones made our top list:

Adobe Lightroom CC
"This app allows me to professionally edit photos on the go. It lets me intricately tweak photos so they turn out better than just adding filters like in some of the other basic editing apps."

"I love that when I'm shopping for ingredients for a recipe I want to try, all I have to do is pull out my phone and see what I need to get."

"I like that the daily deals show up right away, and ordering items is a seamless process. Plus, the navigation is really clean and it's easy to find where I need to go right away."

Amazon Alexa
"I love that this pairs with my Amazon Echo Show at home. When I'm shopping, I can easily pull up the shopping list I tell Alexa to put items on when I'm at home."

"When my kids get a hold of my phone and take goofy pictures of themselves, it's always a fun surprise to look through them."

"With my free personal account, I can view all of my logins/passwords, account and policy numbers, payment info, membership numbers, and whatever else I want to save. It has helped me stay more organized with all of my personal data rather than keeping everything in a spreadsheet."

"Our children's school uses a solution called Seesaw that allows teachers to share what they are doing with parents and approved users. It's pretty neat to get that little glimpse in to our child's day."

"It syncs with my phone so my photos are automatically uploaded to my account, plus it's really easy to order prints quickly."

"This is the app that runs my smart home devices. We use this more for security than all of the automation things it can do."

"I love the Uber app because they've identified exactly what their users are trying to do, and make it a seamless interaction. It's easy to navigate through the process, and the app follows along with you from beginning to end."

Wells Fargo
"This app allows me to never step into a bank unless I absolutely HAVE to."

What are your favorite apps, and why do you love them? Be sure to tweet at @Onsharp and let us know!

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