Pricilia Gingir Joins #TeamOnsharp as a Technical Project Manager!

Give a warm welcome to Pricilia Gingir as she has joined the Onsharp team!   Hooray for #TeamOnsharp’s newest project manager! Pricilia Gingir joins the Fargo office as a Technical Project Manager where she will be administering client relations and[…]

Why Ag Apps Must Be Offline-Friendly

Nowadays, 9 out of 10 farmers are packing a smartphone in their combine, tractor, or truck. Having access to digital tools can make field monitoring and other farming tasks more efficient. Unfortunately, not all ag apps are designed with farmers in[…]

Brennen Fisher Joins #TeamOnsharp as our Support Coordinator

Onsharp is excited to welcome Brennen Fisher to #TeamOnsharp!   Brennen Fisher joined the Onsharp team as a Support Coordinator. He performs quarterly security updates on all hosted websites and plays a huge role on our support team.  

Madhu Desigan is a Python Developer at #TeamOnsharp

Meet Madhu, one of our remote Python Developers!   Madhu Desigan is on our development team as a Python Developer. Madhu started in October of 2021 and has been working on designing, customizing, and integrating applications for our clients.  

Clay Kraby Joined #TeamOnsharp as our Marketing Director

Onsharp is excited to introduce Clay Kraby!   Meet Clayton Kraby, he joined #TeamOnsharp in October as our Marketing Director! With many years of experience, Clay is bringing many new and creative ideas to expand Onsharps marketing efforts and reach[…]

Does Your Banking App Need Two-Way Encryption?

Similar to COVID, hacking has become increasingly common these days. As many businesses and individuals move online, the consequences of information stolen due to hacking can be critical. 

6 Challenges (& Solutions) for Digital Warehouse Apps

Today, warehouses go far beyond storage. Through smart technologies, warehouses have become digitally-connected and data-driven powerhouses.   

Optimizing Your Construction Website for Mobile Users

Your construction website is like a house: it should be well-built, functional, and visually appealing. 

Zestimates: How Zillow Simplifies Housing Financials for Users

Nowadays, potential home buyers and sellers - especially tech-savvy generations - are using online real estate marketplaces. One of the key factors in a housing search is the price tag, which is why the value estimates on these platforms are[…]

9 Best eHealth Blogs to Nourish Your Mind

eHealth is already transforming healthcare as we know it. As the eHealth revolution takes health by storm, it’s important to stay informed about new technologies and trends. This is especially true since the eHealth market worldwide is projected to[…]



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