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The Future of Farming: 5 Ag-Tech Innovations

Farming is one of mankind’s oldest professions. Throughout the years, the agriculture industry has consistently adapted to improve its efficiency and output. Those efforts have been redoubled as the global population continues to spike towards 8[…]

Analytics Are the New Tractors: A Guide for Agriculture Apps

Historically, agriculture has been a field that has constantly evolved. Whether it’s the cotton gin, steam engine, or tractor, new technology and the ideas that make them possible have always played a large role in this evolutionary process. Today,[…]

How to Herd Users on Your Agriculture Website with Calls-to-Action

Getting your flock to go where you want them to? For a shepherd, that’s easy-peasy. Getting your website users to click where you want them to? Now that’s another story.  To nudge users toward actions or sales on your website, it’s important to[…]

Why Your Agriculture Website Needs a Dynamic Video Background

Website design trends are constantly evolving. Companies across all sectors need to be proactive to keep their content from growing stale. Dynamic video backgrounds are one of the latest trends in web design that seems here to stay. Agriculture[…]

10 Cream-of-the-Crop Agriculture Websites

Agriculture websites don't exactly have the best reputation. Many are run by family members who forget to update them. Some even have that cringe-worthy look straight from the early 2000s. At the same time, agriculture is hugely important, with $1[…]

Integration with Drones: A Hot New Feature for Agriculture Apps

Years ago, if you were to ask a farmer about flying drones around their farm, they would have thought you were crazy. Today, the prospect is not only possible, but it is considered normal practice. UAS Magazine reported in 2018 that up to 84% of[…]

5 Reasons to Use Livestock Management Software: A Guide for Ranchers

These days, managing a ranch or farm full of livestock is much more than a pastime. Gone are the days of a family cow or two kept for slaughter once a year. In 2019, the USDA reported a national Farm Income of $88 billion. That’s $4 billion more[…]

When Does Your Company Need A New Website?

The Warning Signs of an Outdated Website How can you tell when your company website isn't cutting it anymore? It might not be as obvious as some of the examples we provide, but it is pretty easy to spot a tragically outdated website. And when a[…]

How to Determine Your Website's ROI

Is Having a New Website Developed Worth It? In this blog post, we'll help you determine if your current website has value and what its ROI is to help you justify developing a new website (or not). The average American spends 6 hours and 43 minutes[…]

The Best Social Channel for Your Industry

Social media is more than just a place to connect with family and friends. It’s a place to connect with your customers, and get them talking about your brand. When it comes to marketing through social media, it’s important to assess which channels[…]



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