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Build A Powerful Website and Stop Throwing Money at Online Directories

Many cannabis businesses rely on online directories for traffic and online sales. These directories have many benefits, such as improving your chances of being found by potential clients and exposing yourself to a large audience. But there are a few[…]

How Internal Applications Can Help You Manage Your Cannabis Business

The cannabis industry is becoming increasingly competitive. As more and more states legalize it, so too does the number of cannabis-related companies rise. This means that your business needs to begin looking into ways that it can differentiate[…]

5 Must-Haves for your Cannabis Website to Help Drive Sales

The popularity of cannabis products has far exceeded its original connotation with the 70s and is now widely used by people from different walks of life. In fact, roughly 150 million people consume cannabis, which equates to 2.5% of the world’s[…]

How to Make Your Cannabis Age Gate Unique

Age gates, also known as age verification systems, aren’t usually legally required. But they’re a best practice for online products like alcohol and cannabis where the legal age is 21.  In particular, with the rise of the cannabis industry, which is[…]

Online Ordering is the Future of Cannabis. Are You Ready?

Let’s be real: we basically order everything online these days. Food, clothing, furniture, books, office supplies, make-up, video games. You name it, we’ve probably ordered it.  During COVID, online sales have especially spiked for toilet paper,[…]

How to Brand Your Cannabis Website for Your Target Audience

The cannabis industry is booming. Sales of legal cannabis eclipsed $10 billion in 2018 and are only expected to grow in the coming years. Now is the perfect time to take advantage of this emerging marketplace with strong web offerings.  Creating a[…]

Wicked-Cool Cannabis Apps to Inspire Your Own

Leafly and Weedmaps are staples of the cannabis app market, but what other tools are meeting niche weed needs? As the cannabis market spikes in popularity, we’re seeing lots of innovative apps. Leafly alone has been downloaded 1 million+ times and[…]

Finding Your Strain of SEO for Your Cannabis Website

Cannabis SEO is tricky to get right. Since many state governments have cracked down on paid cannabis-related ads, it’s even more important to harness your brand’s organic content. This is especially true during this current boom of cannabis[…]



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