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Why the Outage Status Feature is Essential for Your App

In the modern economy, nearly all businesses need to be mobilized via a high-functioning smartphone app to be successful. For the utilities industry, having an excellent app is especially critical. This article will explain why having a[…]

5 Musts for Modernizing Your Utilities

During this age of COVID, your website must be sleek, easy-to-use, and brimming with useful features that will grab people’s attention. 48% of people decide if a business is credible or not based on its website design. For the average consumer,[…]

Fun Extras for Your Utilities App: Flashlight, Thermostat & Others

Some of your customers may be used to paying their utilities bill by mail or at an in-person location. These folks may not be interested in using a utilities app, even though it’s convenient and often brings discounts.  In order to get them on board[…]

Making a “My Account” Section that Customers Don’t Complain About

The “My Account” section of any website serves as a bridge between the user and the website. You need this bridge fully intact, otherwise any small blemish may erode your relationship with you and the consumer. These blemishes include lack of[…]

How Bill Alerts Can Elevate Your Utility App

The market’s desire for robust utility apps is growing. More and more customers are finding value in accessing their utility accounts from the palm of their hands. Smart utility companies are rushing to embrace this trend. Yours should be, too.[…]

Minimalist Design: How to Maximize the Look of Your Utilities Website

Minimalist design is one of the hottest and frequently used trends for both physical and web designs alike. Known for its simple beauty, minimalism translates well to online platforms because it keeps things efficient, easy to understand, and[…]

Mastering Auto-Pay in Your Utilities App

It seems, in this day and age, that there’s an app for just about everything. People are increasingly relying on apps to monitor their most important utilities, store financial information, and pay bills automatically. In fact, recent estimates[…]

When Does Your Company Need A New Website?

The Warning Signs of an Outdated Website How can you tell when your company website isn't cutting it anymore? It might not be as obvious as some of the examples we provide, but it is pretty easy to spot a tragically outdated website. And when a[…]

Why You Should Strategically Plan Your RFP Project

So you're going to write a request for proposal (RFP). Being involved with an RFP can be frustrating since it requires a lot of planning and writing before you ever see the end product, which might not even be what you need to begin with. So where[…]

How to Determine Your Website's ROI

Is Having a New Website Developed Worth It? In this blog post, we'll help you determine if your current website has value and what its ROI is to help you justify developing a new website (or not). The average American spends 6 hours and 43 minutes[…]



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