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Does Your Banking App Need Two-Way Encryption?

Similar to COVID, hacking has become increasingly common these days. As many businesses and individuals move online, the consequences of information stolen due to hacking can be critical. 

Smart House: How Construction Tech is Transforming the Industry

Construction is one of mankind’s oldest industries. It’s also one of its fastest-growing. As of 2020, the total market cap for the United States construction industry was approximately $1.36 trillion. That number is only projected to increase as the[…]

Instagram Marketing for your Cannabis Business

Marketing your cannabis website is no easy task. With the industry still being federally illegal, major online platforms still ban paid advertising for cannabis of any kind on them (i.e. Google, Facebook, Twitter). Facebook also owns Instagram which[…]

5 Out-of-This-World Apps for Nature Lovers

While many of us nature lovers may feel a gut-reaction against rapidly changing technology, agriculture and tech go hand-in-hand. Both farmers and nature lovers alike can greatly benefit from mobile technological advancement.

Is Building a Cannabis App a Good Investment?

Deciding how to best market, sell, and distribute your cannabis can be a difficult task. In many cases, concerns about customer reach, added value, and operation management might discourage a company from attempting to enter the world of mobile[…]

How to Cut Costs with Manufacturing Apps

The manufacturing industry has been going through a bit of a rough patch. It was attempting to regain its momentum following the 2008 market crash only to get thrown off course by the Covid-19 pandemic. Still, the United States’ manufacturing sector[…]

How Farmers Are Going Digital with Their Data

One of the oldest practices, and a primary crux of human civilization, farming has seen many new lives over the centuries. The evolution of agricultural practices has been one of the most important, and influential advancements in our society.   […]

Top-Notch Contact Features on Real Estate Apps

With 76% of buyers finding their home on a mobile device, real estate apps have become absolutely essential. In particular, well-designed apps can push potential buyers who are “just browsing” to actually make contact.

Top Features of Predictive Maintenance Software

Sensors, internet of things, AI - oh my! Keeping your supply chain productive and healthy has always been a challenge. But thanks to new technology like predictive maintenance software, it’s easier to get a handle on your equipment, inventory and[…]

What’s the Deal with AI and Healthcare?

The artificial intelligence (AI) revolution is in full swing. Its impact is sweeping across the country and the globe, leaving few industries untouched. The healthcare industry in particular is projected to change significantly as AI technology[…]



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