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How Construction Apps are Transforming the Industry

The construction business is booming. The industry has grown by 8% each year for the past five years. That’s caused construction spending to top out at more than $1.1 trillion in 2020. To deal with this increasing demand, project managers across the[…]

FinTech Trends That Are Changing How We Bank

Nowadays, digital is king. We do almost everything online, not just because it’s convenient but also because of new possibilities. The banking industry is no exception. Though it was once an old-school institution, banking has been transformed by[…]

Why the Outage Status Feature is Essential for Your App

In the modern economy, nearly all businesses need to be mobilized via a high-functioning smartphone app to be successful. For the utilities industry, having an excellent app is especially critical. This article will explain why having a[…]

What’s the Deal with Digital Warehouses?

You may have heard the recent buzz about digital warehouses. Logistics experts believe they’re the future of warehousing. But what exactly are they? Digital warehouses are those driven by data and technology. Because they work in real-time, these[…]

Trends in Telehealth Websites and Apps

The importance of telehealth cannot be stressed enough, considering the disastrous impact COVID has had on the world. More than ever, people are looking for alternative ways to consult their medical providers without leaving the comforts of their[…]

5 Questions to Ask Before Creating an App

Building an app is quite the endeavor. Before you get started, it’s essential to step back and understand why you’re creating the app. This way, you can make the right decisions moving forward. For example, you’ll want to avoid making an app that’s[…]

How Internal Applications Can Help You Manage Your Cannabis Business

The cannabis industry is becoming increasingly competitive. As more and more states legalize it, so too does the number of cannabis-related companies rise. This means that your business needs to begin looking into ways that it can differentiate[…]

Key Pillars of Construction Mobile Apps

The construction industry is changing rapidly. Worksites today are increasingly relying on technology to help them operate more efficiently and effectively. A major key to this trend has been the rise of mobile construction applications. A[…]

App Alerts: Personalizing Security for Your Banking Clients

43% of people in the US are using mobile banking as of 2019. There is a greater necessity now more than ever to provide personalization to clients of your banking app; not only for consumer satisfaction, but also for bolstering security. So, how can[…]

Analytics Are the New Tractors: A Guide for Agriculture Apps

Historically, agriculture has been a field that has constantly evolved. Whether it’s the cotton gin, steam engine, or tractor, new technology and the ideas that make them possible have always played a large role in this evolutionary process. Today,[…]



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