Have You Assembled An Effective Hiring Structure?

At #TeamOnsharp, we’re always looking for ways different industries can improve their websites. Right now, we’re focusing on the construction industry and how you can improve your hiring process on your website so you can get the best applicants. 

Win at Writing Website Content

How to Write Successful Content Coming up with content for your website is an art form of its own. Unlike print materials, website visitors prefer to skim your text and quickly make decisions based on what they see. So how do you make sure the content on your […]

Do I Really Need a Responsive Website?

The short and honest answer is YES! But let us explain why. If you don’t have a mobile-friendly website, it can hurt your search rankings and user experience, which can hurt your business in turn. It's time to get with it—everyone's on their phones, for Pete's […]

Google Rank Algorithm Update: What You Need to Know

Recommending mobile-responsive designs for quite some time, Google finally put their foot down by going through a major algorithm update in 2015. This update has had a significant impact on mobile search results worldwide. If your site still isn’t optimized for […]