Twitter Lists: 7 Ways You Should Be Using Them

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Listening is a major part of any great social media marketing strategy. But we find that too often, it gets overlooked. While pushing out content is important, interaction on Twitter is essential. Beyond that, it is a great way to build your community and make a positive impact. One of our favorite tools to use to make listening easier is Twitter lists. What are Twitter lists? It is a curated group of Twitter users. You can create lists yourself or subscribe to lists made by others. Twitter lists are an extremely valuable tool for our team and our clients. Here are seven ways you can take your social listening to the next level with Twitter lists.

  1. Monitoring- Twitter lists make it easy to monitor specific groups of people/organizations. For example, at Onsharp we have a list to monitor our team. This makes it easy to see what everyone is saying and not miss anything in our feed.
  1. Retweeting- Having Twitter lists helps you more easily find great content to retweet. For example, if you’re a sports equipment store, you may want to have a Twitter list of Pro Sports Teams to retweet scores from games. Or if you’re a news station, you may want to have a Twitter list of local journalists and reporters to easily find relevant content to retweet.
  1. Following Industry News- Using Twitter lists can help you stay in the loop with news in your industry. If you have favorite industry resources, create your own list. Otherwise, there are tons of Twitter lists that exist for each industry. Conduct a Twitter search for a specific industry list.
  1. Recognizing- Twitter lists can be a great way to recognize people you admire or consistently use as a resource. For example, Jay Baer has a Twitter list for people he gives shout outs to on his podcast or individuals create groups like Women Entrepreneurs Rocking It. This can be an effective interesting strategy to connect with others, achieving greater exposure and new followers.
  1. Providing Value to Followers- Create a list that your followers would find valuable. For example, CSPAN has lists on everything from the Presidential Candidates to Foreign Leaders to Military Reporters. This helps position them as the expert and go-to resource in those areas by adding tremendous value for their followers. Another great example of this is the Cardiff University Career Center. They use Twitter lists for each of their career fairs and they compile all the companies that will be presenting. This both recognizes the companies participating and makes them feel more engaged, and also gives students a go-to source for interacting with companies at the event. Tip: Use this for event sponsors!
  1. Getting live updates- Instead of following a hashtag, you can get live updates from a Twitter list feed. This can be convenient when you want to filter what you’re seeing from an entire group to a select number of individuals/organizations.
  1. Segmenting- This is one of the most popular uses for Twitter lists. Users build Twitter lists of specific things they want to easily monitor. For example, you may want to create a Twitter list for leadership thought leaders, local family events or chefs you admire. You may already be following these accounts individually, but by segmenting them into specific lists based on each topic, you can have a curated feed for each of those areas.

We hope by this point you’re sold on the value of adding Twitter lists to your social media marketing strategy. Next step? Take action. Create a Twitter list and subscribe to others' lists.

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