Why is Web Hosting Important?

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Reliable web hosting is a critical part of building a website, and the company you choose to host your website matters. Customers want the ability to access every part of your website at any time of the day or night, so you want to make sure it’s in the right hands.

We've answered some basic questions about why website hosting is so important and what you should look for in a web hosting company. We also discuss other things related to hosting, like domain registration and DNS. Keep reading this Q&A to get the answers you're looking for.

Q: What is web hosting?

A: Web hosting is basically where your website lives. Your website’s data and files are stored on a remote server, or a host, where your content is made available to you and your customers through a web browser.

Q: Why do I need it?

A: Put simply, you need some form of web hosting in order to make your website available to the public.

Q: If I already have a website, how do I know who’s hosting it?

A: Since your website is most likely an important aspect of your business, you probably already have this knowledge. However, if you don’t, we'd recommend asking someone with a little bit of technical expertise for help. If you contact us for help, we'll be more than willing to assist you.

Q: What is domain registration?

A: Domain registration is the act of registering your domain name with one of the many domain registration companies, known as the Registrar. When you register a domain, you are the Registrant. The Registrar protects the Registrant by reserving the domain name for you so that other companies can’t use it. The Registrar also tells the internet where your Name Servers are located, which is known as DNS.

Q: What does DNS mean?

A: DNS stands for Domain Name System. Basically, it’s what tells all web traffic where to go. It kind of acts like a traffic cop – it'll direct you to the website you’re looking for and deliver emails to the appropriate locations.

Q: What does Onsharp use for website hosting?

A: At Onsharp, we use Dakota Cloud Networks to host websites for our clients. With Dakota Cloud, everything from hosting to domain registration to DNS is handled for you in one spot so you don’t have to worry about it.

Q: Why should I host my website with Onsharp?

A: We've seen a lot of situations where businesses will have their website developed by one company, host their website with another company, and then their domain registration and DNS are managed by other companies. Some businesses might do this to find the lowest pricing for each aspect of their website. However, this complexity can end up costing more in the long run by making things more difficult and adding to billable communications. Instead, it makes things much easier to have everything in one place. Hosting with Onsharp allows you to do that. We’re familiar with all things related to creating and maintaining your website, and when we host your information in one place, we solve problems and answer questions without having to refer you to someone else.

If you're ready to get started or have questions about hosting at Onsharp, learn more about our hosting package that provides everything you need to run a fast, reliable, and secure website.


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